Sunday, May 30, 2010


A picture is worth a 1000 words that's what's left of my right leg complete with screw in knee (the drains have been removed) and a bone graft.


That's how I lost my right leg below the knee on April 10th. An individual driving a very large truck a Ford F550 took a left turn against a light (I had the right of way and was going the speed limit) and like so many riders before me I feel victim to the carlessness of of someone behind the wheel.

"I just didn't see him"
He says to my friend I was riding with who came back to find me torn apart on the pavement.

"I just didn' see him"
He says to the police as the put it down in their report.

Well that phrase has cost me more than this person will ever realize.

That's all I will say about what happened, this blog is about recovery, and yes motorcycles, and whatever else I am feeling at the moment.

Welcome to my new place for people who came over from Motokafe thanks, and I hope you dig it and will stick around for while.